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say star speaker on opening night of the democratic national convention. >> first lady michelle obama took the stage. >> we must work like never before and we must once again come together. >> making an emotional case for her husband to lead the nation for four more years. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. good morning to you. welcome to fox 5 morning news. it is wednesday, the 5th day of september. we are inching closer and closer to care's -- to sarah's favorite time of the year. >> it is i big day here on fox 5 morning news. take a look. this is a live picture from the howard university college of
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medicine where, in a short time, a thousand d.c. residents will be getting free physicals thanks to dr. oz. now, we do want to point out all of today's participants are preregistered. so the physicals will be given only to those who already signed up. we'll be live at howard all morning long and we'll check in with holly morris in just a few minutes to see how things are going on down there. we a the live picture a little bit ago and it looks kind of eerie rie e ar. >> is it a little darker now. >> i know what you're trueing to ask. >> we'll show you we've got a few light showers off to the north and west. i think sunrise v i have to
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double-check. i'll let you know when sunrise is this morning. just a few showers there. winchester, front royal, maybe a sprinkle or light shower. there is a weak cold front off to the north and west. relief in the form of cooler temperatures today. still going to be a hot one. maybe some light i drier air later today. couldn't be any more humid than it's been. i think we've got a little relief later today and then over the next several days, we'll kind of improve in stages. so by the end of the weekend, temperatures will only be in the upper 70s and low 80s with less humidity. going to feel like fall around here if you hang in there for a few days. currently, it is warm and muggy. 79 in washington. that is a very warm start. 71 this morning, pittsburgh, new york, boston. enjoying temperatures in the mid-70s as well. here is your forecast for today. highs, mid- to upper 80s. could be a shower or thunderstorm around early. later this afternoon, best chance later today will be south and east of the city as our front moves through. there you go, still
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temperatures above normal today. >> the sun is rising later. the humidity is like disappearing. what is julie wright going to do with herself. >> 199south for the winter. >> i already told you. the airline is booked. i'm ready to go. the first of november, i'm out here. i'll work. i just have to work from a warm area with palm trees and sand. still a tough go coming in out of the manassas making your way past the car rest area. the car is on the shoulder there. you will find delays on 66 leaving fair oaks. checking for accident activity in triangle. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. . >> thank you. to politics now. it is day two of the democratic national convention. >> former president bill clinton will speak tonight and our area played a major role in
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last night's kickoff. maryland governor mart uno'malley, house minority leader steny hoyer and tim kaine were among the local leader to address the crowd. the san antonio mayor julian castro gave the keynote address. first lady was the headliner. she talked about her family and defended her husband's policies. >> when it comes to rebuilding our economy, barack is thinking about folk like my dad and like his grandmother. he is thinking about the pride that comes from a hard day's work. that is why he signed the lily ledbetter fair pay act to help women get equal pay for equal work. that is why he cut taxes for working families and small businesses and fought to get the auto industry back on its feet. >> president obama watched the first lady's speech in the treaty room of the white house. this is a picture of it here with his daughter's sasha and
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malia. a ruling from state board of elects in virginia causing some concern for the romney camp. form ill congressman virgil gude, jr. has qualified for the presidential ballot. he spent 12 years in congress and 4 years in the state senate serving as an independent and a republican. his them on the ballot could be an obstacle for romney. he has support from the independent green party. the state republican party is challenging his eligibility. new this morning, another assault in the capitol hill neighborhood. this happened tuesday morning around 2:for on north carolina avenue. d.c. police say the victim was robbed and beaten. this happened just a few blocks away from a robbery and assault last month that left the victim critically injured. t.c.maslin was brutally beaten near eastern market as he walked home after a night out with friends. his wife is a d.c. school teacher and the two have a young son. maslin has beyond gone brain
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surgery and remain in the hospital. police say there is no obvious connect to the two assaults but both investigations do remain open. a public memorial for american hero neil armstrong will be held in our area 50 years appear one day after president john f. kennedy announced the goal of sending a man to the moon. the service will take place at washington national cathedral next thursday at 10:00 a.m. giving the nation a chance to say good-bye to the first man to walk on the moon. it will be open to the public on a first come first served basis and will broadcast live on is in atv. armstrong died last month at the age of 82. the search for a missing man in northern virginia. take a look at the picture on your screen. this is 71-year-old david short of alexandria. police say he has been missing since about 9:00 a.m. yesterday when short was reportedly going to virginia hospital center in arlington. short is believed to be driving
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a 2006 silver green honda crv with virginia tags kbk6001 and he may be in the gainesville area of prince william county looking for a relative. we've been talking about this for a while. this is headaching headline this horng. the book detailing the final moments of osama bin laden is now on store shelves and the pentagon confirms it has the information the public is not supposed to see. >> also ahead, tax dollars footing the bill for an inmate's sex change? we'll tell you who is supporting the decision.
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sit a deadly shooting at an election victory party in canada. police arrest a 50-year-old man outside the hall. officers say he walked into the building with a mask on and began shooting as quebec's new premier declared victory. the premier was not hit but two other people were. one has since died. the police do not foe the gunman's motive but witnesses
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did hear him say in french, the english are waking up. the pentagon is considering what, if any, legal action it will take against the author of the book no easy day. former navy seal gives an insider account of the raid that killed osama bin laden. his book day lieud yesterday at number one on the am don best seller list. the pentagon says an official review found that it reviewed sensitive and classified information. a transgeppedder inmate serving life in prison for murder is about to get a pricy sex change surgery on the taxpayer's dime. a federal judge ordered massachusetts prison officials to provide the operation for michelle kostoly. k as a way to treat the identity disorder. scott brown calls this an abuse
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of tax dollars. coming up income, dr. oz is in d.c. today. >> we'll check in with holly who is live at howard university school of medicine this morning. she will tell us about his 15- minute physical. but first, labor day weekend is over but summer isn't ready to make its exit just yet. tucker has the full forecast when fox 5 morning news continues. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt.
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. welcome back. it is 6:15 on this wednesday. >> it is september 5th. >> your birthday. >> you did not forget this. >> this is the third time you've forgotten this. >> let's get right to the weather forecast. >> warm and humid. temperature are in the upper 70s to start your morning.
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it does not feel great out there. 79 in washington. look at quantico. 82degrees. sunrise this morning at 6:41, wisdom. we lost a minute from yesterday. 08 in annapolis. 77 in leonardtown. very warm start to the day, very humid start. maybe a shower or two on the horizon although not a whole lot going on right now. i think we're generally dry. there are a few showers and sprinkles off to the north and west out towards winchester as you get out into the mountains. we had some showers earlier. it is actually soarveg wade cold front, not a strong one. this is one of those weak ones that we typically see in the summertime but as it passes through here to the south and east later this afternoon, i think it will have just enough oomph that we should see drier air try to filter in. a few morning showers. there could be a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon particular hi south and east of the city and then just enough dry air filters in later this afternoon so you should feel a
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little more comfortable than it has the last couple of days. a little cooler as well. not much cooler but a little cooler. well north and west. that cold front will mean business. that will get in here later this week and early this weekend and start to cool things down. here is your forecast for the day. there is your weak cold front. so weak in front, we don't even give it a blue line there. there is your next one. tomorrow, get ready for a hot one. i think the showers and storms will be less numerous than they have been the last couple of days. here your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. hot tomorrow and friday. highs in the low 90s. not a whole lot of humidity tomorrow. and as we get into the weekend behind that next cold front, we will cool it down. high about sunday only about 80 degrees way few showers. monday and tuesday, highs in the mid-70s. it will feel like september after all. it is september. all right. let's get to julie wright
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before i say something that's doesn't make any sense. >> you're cut off. the crew in sky fox joining us this morning. if you are traveling inbound along 66, you will find the stalled car before the car rest area over on the shoulder. thank you, jeremy. big delays eastbound on 66 from business 234 headed in towards 29 centreville. we'll show you what is happening here. southbound along 270, big tie- ups approaching and passing 170. by contrast, you are back up and above speed here in germantown here at 61 miles per hour. heads up great seneca highway, accident activity reported there. we are putting the focus on health with some help from an expert you probably recognize. the one and only dr. oz. >> i big event happening at howard university. holly morris is there now with
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the story. good morning to you. >> good morning. it would be a big deal if dr. oz was in the district just visiting but he will be here working today. he is getting a health report card for the city. it is an amazing opportunity for the people that get to come out here today to see just how healthy they are. it is busy here right now. this is being done at howard university college of medicine along with the howard university hospital and fox 5. there will be 1,000 free physicals given today within an eight-hour time frame. there is about 125 people an hour that will circulate through here. people had to sign up ahead of time. this is not open to the public. there is a lot you can learn from what is going on here today. dr.oz says there are five things that you need to know to help assess your own health. and so every person that comes through here today will get a 15-minute physical and will be checked for these five things. they will get their blood pressure checked. they'll get their waist size checked. they will hop on the scale, see
6:20 am
how much they weigh, get their cholesterol checked and their blood sugar which is an indicator for diabetes. if you know what those numbers mean and what she should be, you can put yourself on a road to a healthier life. that is what dr. ozs preaching today and he will be here all day doing this. so, as you can see, they have did i rent centers here set up for people to come out. 125 people an hour are going to come will you here as they are only able to do this because of all the volunteers with the howard university college of medicine. there will be about 200 volunteers out here helping to do the 15-minute physicals. but like i said, dr. oz is going to be working himself. he will be doing some of the physicals. he is going to give a big pep rally to all the volunteers that are coming out here, most of which are howard university college medical students to get them going and establish this relationship so people can take their own health in their open hands. that is what it is. a lot of these, while they are asimple, they don't take time,
6:21 am
they are huge indicators of how you are in terms of your health and your risk factors. so the whole goal here is to lower your risk factors so you can lead a better quality life and a longer life. now, i want to remind everyone, this is not open to the public. this is something that people signed up for ahead of time, only district residents. but it is something -- some information that you can use. we'll get an assessment of where the district stands in terms of its health. it should be a pretty fine and more important informative morning. >> those thousand people are in some pretty good hands. >> can you imagine, dr. oz giving you a physical. that is the guy you want doing it. >> here is something to macyou smile. another great first day of school picture. this is steven with his sign.
6:22 am
>> cute. >> he started kindergarten at bellevue elementary in alexandria. have a great day, steven. great sign. you can upload your child's photo on our facebook fan page or e-mail it. we'll continue to share the photos through the end of the week. >> good luck, steven.  [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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. an alert for drivers in montgomery county starting today, tree removal crews will be making their way along wisconsin avenue. they plan to remove knife large elm trees between norwood drive and cumberland avenue in chevy chase. it was determined they're causing a public safety risk to motorists and pedestrians. you will encounter lane closures from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today through friday. some good news for flood victims living in the district. d.c. water says it will help pay to install backflow preventers in homes affected by
6:26 am
repeated floods. device shuts the home off from the street's sewer system so sewage does not back up into the house. this comes after sunday's heavy rains flooded the bloomingdale neighborhood for the fourth time now in two months. and you may want to go ahead and buy that snow gear now if you don't already have it. this winter could be a rough one. that is according to the hagerstown town and country alplan ask, the nation's second oldest almanac. it is predicting heavy storms for the mid-atlantic with the first snowfall coming maybe as early as november 2th t bases the predicts on size of a developing el nino in the pacific. >> don't sound so disappointed. >> i'm disturbed by what i just read. i don't like winter. >> a little bit of snow would be good. coming up next millions of apple i. d. s hacked. we'll find out if your personal information is at risk. >> we must work like never before. and we must once again come together. >> an emotional pitch for president obama to lead the
6:27 am
nation for the next four years. we'll have more on the speech by the first lady, michelle obama, as fox 5 morning news comes back in a moment. e have so the 9:15 meeting e have looks like it's going to start a little late... um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™.
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. welcome back. coming up on 6:30 right nowen taking a live look at howard university college of medicine because it's very exciting day. there is a thousand people from d.c. that are going to have physicals given to them by dr. oz. >> the dr. oz. >> so it will be interesting. we'll check in with holly morris in a little bit about that. the democrats are going to roll out another long list of party leaders for day two of the national convention in north carolina. >> former president bill clinton and several lawmaker from maryland will all speak tonight. >> fox's nicole collin is live in charlotte with a look at last night's kickoff. >> good morning to you. it was an exciting night for democrats here. first lady was the headliner. she was very well received on
6:31 am
the first day of the convention that featured women, latinos and young people. >> being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. >> reporter: selling her husband's vision. >> he reminds me that we are playing a long game here and that change is hard. >> reporter: she never mentioned republican nominee mitt romney, instead, leaving that to the politician. >> mitt romney, quite simply, doesn't get it. >> making history with the first latino to to deliver a keynote address at a democratic convention. san antonio mayor julian castro defended the pre's economic record asking voters for more time. >> we've seen 4.5 million new jobs. he knows better than nip that
6:32 am
there is more hard work to do but we're making progress. >> reporter: the night full of big name democrats and rising stars in the party and actor kal penn. >> my favorite job was having a boss who gave the order to take out bin laden and who is cool with all of us getting gay married. so thank you, invisible man in the chair. >> reporter: president obama arrives here in charlotte later today. he will be normally nominated tonight for the first time by appear ex-president and that is bill clinton who is tonight's headliner. >> thank you. our national debt has now topped the $16 trillion mark for the first time ever. more than $5 trillion have come since president obama took office. he wants to bring the deficit down by racing tax on people making over $250,000 and budget
6:33 am
cuts. but the congressional budget opposite found the budget would add $6.4 trillion over the next four years. >> i can't imagine that much. >> we'll never know. >> we're warm and huge toyed start your day. going be for another hot affect. but hang in there, we'll transition to slightly drier air and eventually cooler air as we get into the weekend. >> hint of fall. >> hint of fall in the seven- day forecast. no hints of fall out there this morning. wait until you head to the bus stop and head out to the works. it is steamy to say the least. the overnight temperature only falling to the upper 70s for much of the region. we are just not enjoying any full weather at this hour. 76 in new york. 74 in boston. hay for you showers north and west. winchester, front royal, you might see a light shower. that will be about it. there is a very weak cold front off to the north and west this
6:34 am
morning. i think we'll break out into partly to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. and even though it will be on the warm side, you might notice the humidity backing off just a bit. so we're headed in the right direction here. here is your forecast for today. 87 in washington. going to be a hot one. 86 in leonardtown. another hot day with plenty of humidity particularly the first half of the day. as mentioned, things get better this weekend. and ask tony and tucker coming up. >> any video questions? >> not today. >> our big story could affect anyone would has an apple device. we'll talk about that in a second. first, we want to talk to julie wright. i was just so excited about that story. sorry, julie. >> i'm excite too because i
6:35 am
have both. >> have to listen. >> i will. >> you will find that the lanes are open. earlier this morning, there was a shoulder delay at manassas. we'll take aback inside and update the ride here. great seneca highway at 307, we had the accident activity. it has already been pulled over to the shoulder so our lanes are open with verile delay. southbound 270 in separate stretches is slowing as you make your way from 109 headed out to clarksburg. outer loop below speed leaving new hampshire avenue headed towards georgia avenue. change in the traffic pattern here with the work zone over the northwest branch. it is now three leap to the right, one leap to the left that gets you by -- one lane to the left that gets you by. now, our big story this morning could affect anyone who has an apple device such as an iphone or ipad. a hacker group said it stole personal information about
6:36 am
owners from and fbi laptop. >> melanie alwin has the details. >> reporter: it is not clear yet whether the exposure of that information could be personally damaging to apple customers. the responsible group which calls it antisec says it has the information to let people know that the fbi has it. now, it was first publicized out on twitter by the group anonymous which is loosely afill crate with sent sec and then they basically posted the link to where antisec gave instructions and then other web sites have gone and gotten that information and put it online for people to take a look at. here you can see there are millions of personally identifiable device numbers here. now, every apple device has one of these unique identification numbers. it lets itunes and app developers know which device is running which app. it allows game developers to keep track of users' high
6:37 am
scores. they said he found 12 million identification numbers on and fbi agent's laptop. but antisest c says the data file also had user names, zip codes, cell phone numbers and addresses but it chose just to post the device name and number. the group claims the fbi is using apple device information for a tracking people project. now, the fbi is disputing the hackers' claims. it posted a response on the twitter page. if you want to go to the web site and check to see if your device information is on there, we have that all posted on our home page right here on >> thank you. alexandria police have arrested a map accused of stealing adiamond ring worth more than $25,000 from a popular jewelry store. this is surveillance photo released showing a man police
6:38 am
say stole the ring from king's jewelers in old town. it happened during business hours on july 24th. police say the man walked not store, asked to look diamond rings and took the ring in question. last thursday, alexandria police and d.c. police arrested 50-year-old cedric williams earl at his home in the district. he is charged with grand larceny. all morning long, we are live at howard university. >> this is a big event happening there today. dr.oz is in town. holly morris is there to tell us all about the 15 minute physical. >> if are going to get a physical, why not get it from none other than dr. oz himself. he is in town in the district. they are gearing up for a special day. 1,000 people, 15-minute physicals. there are five numbers you too should have checked that will indicate the status of your health. we'll talk with the chief medical officer of howard university hospital about why
6:39 am
this event is so important and critical to the city's health. it is all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  [ female announcer ] they can be e enlightening.
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. dr. oz is in town today and he is giving 1,000 check-ups in just one day. >> today, he is at howard university to got a good look at the health in the district. holly morris has more from the howard medical center. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. you're you right. 1,000 physicals in an eight- hour time period is a lot. they will begin at 8:00 this morning and they'll run through about 125 people an hour. now, of course, dr. oz can't do all of those physicals himself. so there is a lot of volunteers. hey, volunteers, say good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for what you are doing today. these are students at the howard university college of medicine and they are getting their marching orders. they didn't even know they were
6:43 am
going to be on tv right now. you guys look good and you are doing good work and we're glad we're here to show it off. now, listen to her. she has the information you need to know. we'll head out here because it will be a busy day and it take a lot to put all of this together. it really is about getting the health of the city and the thousand people that come through here will get an up- close and personal look at where they stand health-wise. i'll introduce to you dr. george adams. he is the chief medical officer for howard university. good morning. >> let's talk about what is going to go on here today and how in just 15 minutes time, someone can get a good look at their health. >> the important thin is identifying the risk factors that lead to health problems later on. so knowing what your blood pressure is and a lot of people are walking around unaware that they are hyper tensive. we'll be able to screen and
6:44 am
identify people who have not realized they are hypertensey. those people with severe hypertension, we'll get help as soon as possible. we'll identify people word prediabetic and diabetic. those are diseases that contribute to heart disease later on. we'll weigh people and knowing your weight can help you control your blood pressure and also your blood sugar. we'll be doing that. we'll work on some things that will help indicate where people are. cholesterol is important. we'll assess both good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and maybe explain to people the difference so they can better understand that. >> i big part of this is knowledge is power, right? >> absolutely. >> just letting people know what they need to know. >> absolutely. the more people understand about these risk factors, the stronger they can prevent and maintain their health. >> reporter: how did this whole thing come up. to get a name like dr. oz to come. i'm sure every medical school would like him to come.
6:45 am
you have him here. >> this is the high point of our year to get him to come and this actually helps us reach more people and to get the word out in term of preventive health maintenance. >> every doctor makes a difference if their patients' lives. for these doctors to see someone like dr. oz be able to get the message out so massively, that has to be a good inspiration for them. >> we've had them go to haiti and do services there and we find that it is just a great inspiration for young people in training to get out and make a difference early on. >> for the people -- everyone that is coming today had to sign up in advance. this is not an open call for people to come and get 15- minute physicals today. for the people who perhaps missed that calling, are you hoping this will inspire them to go to their own doctor and ask the questions. >> they can go to their open doctors and we'll have other health fairs that we provide. we do a lot of health fairs around the city and community. so, if they can't make this
6:46 am
event, perhaps they can make another event for us. >> reporter: so all 1 how people are coming at once. how does it logistically work today? >> we'll bring people in and house them here and then we'll call them out and get them done that way. >> they were given a timed entry so to speak, right? >> right. >> there is not like a huge rush. >> we are expecting most of the people to come early. there will be a lull in the mid of the day and -- middle of the day and we'll move them around to the station and at the end, we'll get them counseled. >> thank you so much. >> okay. >> thank you for having us here today. we've only just begun here this morning. in fact, dr. oz is supposed to be showing up before not too long and hopefully, we'll be able to catch up with him at about 7:15 or so. back to you. >> getting ready. we can't wait to see him. >> we want dr. oz. >> in the next couple of hours, he will make an appearance. right now, tucker barnes making an appearance to tell us about
6:47 am
this weather. >> warm and humid start to the day. what else is new? >> temperatures even more uncomfortable this morning. >> i thought so. >> wisdom is like it's not that bad. >> i'm like is something wrong with me. >> i like to think i'm cool. >> let's do temperatures. reagan national, currently 79 degrees. our typical high is in the low 80s and we are starting off in the upper 70s. 08 in annapolis. 77 this morning in fredericksburg. if you are keeping track of the dew point temperature, that measure the humidity. still in the low 70s. we are still in the up comfortable range and will be so here not next couple of hours. i think later this afternoon, slightly drier air will try to sneak in here so it may feel a little better even though high temperatures will once again top out in the mid- to upper 80s. still going to be a hot one
6:48 am
this afternoon. there is your sentinel radar. we could see one or two showers or sprinkles in here early this morning. as we get into the afternoon hours, i think we'll see more and more sunshine later as this frontal system, you kind of see it here just to the north and west, as this frontal system tries to sneak through the area. there is the front. it is a very weak one but there is enough dry air behind it. it should feel a little better. maybe we'll lower the dew point temperatures just a little. behind our next cool front, temperature will cool down for the weekend. it is a little aggressive on the shower activity here. as we get into 5:00, 6:00 tonight, i think we may be partly to mostly sunny and a little drier later today. gradually, things will improve around here. 87 today. still on the hot side.
6:49 am
partly sunny. scattered showers and stormed back in the forecast. we'll heat it up in the low 90s thursday and friday. and then the next coal fronted, that one means business. cooler temperatures for the weekend and a few showers on sunday with yet another cool front. check out your daytime highs monday, tuesday, only in the mid-70s with sunshine. >> now, can i believe that sixth and seventh day? that is a long ways out. are you feeling confident about it? >> it will be tweaked the close are you get to it, right? >> yes, the general trend is there. >> don't get my hopes up. >> good morning. happy birthday. >> thank you, sir. >> has it been mentioned yesterday today? >> not yet. >> oh, line five times and of a forgotten three times. >> thank you very much. >> good morning.
6:50 am
guess what it is time for. t is ask tony and tucker. i'm a creature of habit. i keep getting ready to stay the old title. this is the most popular segment some morning television where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. today's question comes from megan in waldorf. what is the mars rover's power source? if it cannot be recharged or refueled, how does it continue to generate the power to accomplish all of its tasks. excellent question. this one, i happen to know the answer to. >> so did tucker. eect. you have any ideas. >> you guys knew this before even looking it up. >> i had heard it. >> we had to look up the details. >> it sends some kind of signals that charge as a
6:51 am
battery from a long distance. >> you are absolutely wrong. >> of course, i am. >> sarah, do you have a guess? >> is there a massive battery on there? a massive two-ton battery. no. >> 0-2. >> it wouldn't work really. >> you just wanted the opportunity to make fun of me. >> it is nuclear power. it is not a massive battery but it is a little power source on there that is nuclear and can last for up to 14 years. >> isn't that amaze something self-generating power. >> it is called the multi- mission radioisotope thermal electric generator. >> can we just call it like the mojo or something. >> can you buy that at wal- mart?
6:52 am
>> not this particular variety. >> they have it at home depot. >> okay. got it. >> this is developed by a lot of very smart people out in california and -- >> it has two different components. one is some kind of heat -- something that takes the heat in the atmosphere and breaks down the radioactive isotopes. it is probably not isotopes but radioactive particles and that creates the energy that runs the rover. >> 14 years. >> you pretty much called it. >> you do know your stuff. >> for some reason, i know about this stuff. >> have other explorers run on nuclear power? >> yes, they have used this technology before. >> they have? >> yep. >> no idea. >> when they started doing this, there were some people who were curious like what if something goes wrong. is it a nuclear bomb that could explode over our atmosphere.
6:53 am
apparently, it is not enough energy that it would cause any significant problems. >> still can't get past the 14 years part. >> it is nuclear power, regenerate the power itself. >> more or less. generates its own power. >> fascinating. >> i love that, guys. >> i have this interesting scientific explanation of the process but we'll cope it. >> we would have fallen asleep. >> i wonder how much something like that costs. >> the mission cost $2.5 billion so you figure the nuclear generator probably cost about $2 billion. >> can't get that at the store. >> there you go. that is how they run it. & you've got the power &&. >> if you have a question you would like to have answered, all you need to do is go to and click on the weather tab. >> i always liked this song. >> i should have brought up a birthday cupcake or something. >> oh, wow. >> i will take to you lunch to
6:54 am
your favorite wing place. >> it is not hooter's. >> it's in the? >> you got anything you want to add to this. >> no. i'm staying away from this entire conversation. >> hi, julie. >> i like the song. i was going to do the roger rabbit with that. >> go, julie. >> you know, it is all funny until i do it and i fall off the box. good morning to the crew in sky fox. they are checking out the riot inner loop approaching the georgetown pike. we had an incident that has already been moved over to the shoulder. we have a big backup here on the inner loop head up towards tice objects and approaching the georgetown pike with all of your -- towards tyson's and approaching the georgetown pike
6:55 am
with all of your lanes open. bw park wais backed up 31 miles per hour out of laurel headed down to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. as we have been telling you, dr. oz is in d.c. today. holiday yes at howard university told us about his 15- minute physical. we'll check back in with her in the next hour. also ahead, the first night of the democratic national convention stirring up a level of excitement normally saved for the independent. we'll have reaction to michelle obama's speech which brought the audience to its feet.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades. . time for today's facebook fan of the day. we say hello to pamela jenkins. she's been a proud fan since moving to the d.c. region 12 years ago with the u.s. >> i love those sunglasses. that is how you take a picture for the fan-of-the-day. >> that is -- . >> that is ultimate and cool.
6:59 am
>> classy. >> yes, classy and cool. >> don't you have the sunglasses? >> die. i have two tire i do. i have two pair. a dark pair and clear. >> you have too many. >> i have a lot. back to her. she's the fan. not me. >> and thank you for your service, by the way, pamela. we appreciate it. if you would like to be our facebook fan-of-the-day, go to our facebook page and leave a comment under pamela's picture. >> you know what, it's been of fantastic because it's tucker's birthday. >> and that is the sixth time we're talking about his birthday. >> i'm getting kickbacks. >> you're getting wings? >> yes. later. when he gets wings, he's getting me some on the side. that is what this is about. >> okay, what did you say? >> i'm talking about wings. >> that is it for the 6:00 -- . >> wings. [ laughter ] >> i am leaving. i'm done. >> some over there. >> i will say that is it

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